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  IIT Bombay Mtech Admission Experience.

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   on Day 2, those who are selected for PRA, have to appear for the interview which is taken by IITB profs. For that we were given the projects that were running currently in EE Dept under different profs. So we requied to give 5 preferences according to our interest which is hard thing to do at that time, atleast for me as  I was not much aware in which project what kind of work we are gonna do. They do gave us abstacts of the project which we can read and give preferences accordingly.
   This process should be done by PRA and both selected candidates. This interviewing process takes place from 8 AM till 10-11 PM, as candidate undergo atleast 3 interviews. I will brief what do they ask after I go through all the selection procedure.
Now we will see what happend with IRA and both selected candidates. As my preference was for IRA I was more concerned about this one. For IRA they have tests according to different labs that they have in EE Dept. I remember on test was for Wadhwani Electronics Lab (WEL), Micro Lab and other was for PC lab of EE Dept and CC (Computer Center) IITB. So basically there is one test for your experience with electonics stuff, opamp, function generator, DSO, etc. Other test is to check your programming skills. My personal inclination was towards electronics stuff so I appeared for this test only.
Now I will brief about what kind of questions can you expect in the written test. Written test is mostly dependent on your GATE syllabus only. I would suggest that after GATE dont stop studying your subjects till you get admission in any good college. Do brush up your basics. Descriptive qustions seems hard to do but they are very basic, at my time they did ask how would you get a ramp function using opamp. For this they said you can assume some basic thing like that. So dont worry about the end answers just read the question well see what is expected and try to answer it in your language, just be sure that your answer is clear. For the PRA interview they asked me why did you choose this project as your first preference.
   This is very important that you should choose your preferences right. I told them as my Major project in B.Tech was agricultural related as this project is I have some knowledge about some things in this project .Then they asked about my project in more in depth. I answerd them as I could. They asked me whether I did all those thing in my project on my own or not, as they require the candidate to have some basic knowledge in that field. Actully in such interviw you have to drive them to your field of interest in any way possible. One of my friend was asked to derive some EMT s formula. So it merely depend on you how do you answer and in some cases your luck also. But do not lie infront of them remeber that they are one of the finest professors in our country who has seen thousands of students like us. If you dont know something they accept it and tell them the same.
   They do help you to get to the answer as they also know sometimes under pressure we forget many things so confidence and honesty is the key for PRA interview. Now lets jump to IRA test. I appeared for WEL test. This was 3 hour long test. They gave us all the components that are sufficient for the experiements. All the datasheets of the Ics and all. There was one problem having 3 subproblems. We were asked to perform some kind of experiment using DAC, some amplifiers and up counter I guess. In first question we were asked to draw the outpur that we are getting on DSO. Second question was that if it was same as expected output or not. And third was if there is some error in output then what that can be and how it is resolved.
    These all outputs you have to show to the TA or RA that are present beside the table and write your comments in the answer sheet. So many students are out of touch from the breadboard and other devices so they fail to get the output. I was out of touch too due to GATE prepartion and all but I got the answers as I used  to work in techincal event team in my B.Tech college. So folks its totally on yours skill set how you perform in this test. Some did well in programming test, as I was not good in that part I appeard for this one only.
 So in the end you will get mail if you are selected in one or two weeks. As I gave IRA as my preference I got selcted as IRA in WEL lab. Doing M.Tech in one of the best institue in India thoroughly changes you as a True Engineer. So do stive for the remaining days. Put your 100% and start from now. I hope that I gave some helpful inputs.All the best!!!!
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RAHI said...

Hello sir.
First of all thank you so much. I am getting rank around 2000 in gate 2019 ece. Now according to your info there is a fair chance of getting into iitb.
Now how should i prepare for interview.
And can you please provide info for other iits too.

Unknown said...

I prepared from the notes that I made while I was preparing for the exam. Those were kind of discriptive notes not short notes. I also prepared some topics which I used to forget from the reference books, which is very important to brush up your basics as reference books gives you thorough insights. I would recommend you to first decide it by first preparing all the basic concepts of important subjects like Netwokrs, Digital, Analog, EDC, Communication and very important Maths. I didn't find many questions from Controls and Emt for the test atleast at IIT Bombay.I will suggest you to concrete your basics very well as there will be some descriptive questions too. As per other iits concerned I think IIT HYDERABAD too has position of RAs and it's has one good specialisation Machine Learning which is offered only in that IIT. I don't know about its placements as it will be there first that will post graduate in 2019. But this year there were many placements in the field of ML in IIT Hyderabad. Micro and CSP of IIT HYDERABAD is also quite well. There is other option too MS from IIT Kanpur but at my time they gave hard time for all the candidates that appeared for its interview.

Unknown said...

sir i'm getting rank around 1000 and gate score is above 650 and my reseervation is OBC . sir can u please guide me what to d is there any chance of getting VLSI in any of the top IIT ?? KHARAGPUR , DELHI , MADRAS , KANPUR ?? if not what to do next?? please sir

Unknown said...

For VLSI and that too 2 year course there is no chance for score of 650. If you want only VLSI then go for 3 year M Tech or MS course of IIT Kanpur. There is one more option on BITS Pilani but they do have their seperate exam and they have very good VLSI program.

Anonymous said...

714 gate score in ece. Which iits should i prefer for vlsi? Plz guide. Thanks in advance.

Ayushi dixit said...

Sir I am getting a score of 714, what can I expect in this score if communication engineering is my preference in iit mtech. Can i get a call feom old iits?

Unknown said...

Yeah you can expect call for RA surely and also for MS and MTech of IIT Kanpur too.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

sir if somebody is selected for IRA then will he go through interview or not ?
my gate score is 695 and rank 892 what can i expect in old iits ?
and sir how to prepare for written test and ira and pra ?

Unknown said...

Wt is d minimum cgpa requirement?

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